Helping You Secure Your Financial Future

We focus on portfolio managers with a track record of meeting or exceeding their benchmarks with less risk. Then we create diversified portfolios, managed by a team of those portfolio managers, to provide both downside protection and upside potential.

Truly Personalized Wealth Management

Comprehensive Wealth Management

As a fee-only adviser, our only concern is client satisfaction. Our goal is to deliver the personalized service of a small firm with the capabilities of a much larger one, and our investment management services are centered solely on you, the client. Adviser Investments’ investment strategy is focused on building diversified portfolios of actively managed mutual funds, individual stocks and bonds, exchange-traded funds and quantitative strategies that match our clients’ risk comfort level and long-term investment goals. Coupled with financial planning we provide a comprehensive suite of wealth management services.

The Fiduciary Standard Is Our Standard

Fiduciary duty is at the heart of everything we do in our partnerships with clients—we put your best interests first, period. We firmly believe that investors deserve to work with a trusted professional financial adviser who will help them grow and protect their wealth over time without being beholden to third-party commissions, incentives or interests. Our first and only loyalty is to our clients. Since inception, we’ve been a fee-only investment adviser. We are only paid by our clients, never by a third party.

Managed Bond Program

Our Managed Bond Program is designed for investors who prefer or require investing in high-quality individual bonds rather than bond funds. The portfolios we build combine the objective of providing a steady stream of income with protecting your original principal. Constructing a well-diversified bond portfolio is both an art and a science. Our fixed-income research team has the experience, knowledge and perspective to build a diversified portfolio of high-quality bonds to meet your individual needs. Our Managed Bond Program can be an appropriate choice for high-income earners, retirees or anyone looking to preserve hard-earned capital and generate a specific rate of return over a proscribed period of time.

Financial Planning

Adviser Investments goes far beyond risk-aware investment portfolio construction. We have decades of experience in helping individuals and their families develop fully considered financial plans—from maintaining lifestyle in retirement and paying for college to minimizing taxes, estate and legacy planning, property transactions and charitable giving. We routinely work in conjunction with the other financial professionals in our clients’ lives—attorneys, accountants, bankers, insurance agents and real estate specialists—to provide seamless and comprehensive advice to meet each individual’s needs and concerns.