About Us

Imex is the leading company in Viet Nam for the production of charcoal for smoking Shisha and BBQ. Our charcoal products are produced on a modern automatic line and the quality of the research and the perfect assurance to ensure that our charcoals are safe and get the highest standards compared to other products in the country and in the region.

With the perfect quality, we also have the best customer support services on the design of packaging according to customer needs. In addition, we will send free samples for you before ordering. During the production process, we willing welcome you visit at any time to check the quality of our products, as well as pre-shipping inspection.

With the characteristics of the product and the nature of the material, our KCS always supervised 24/24 in the production process. We are not only check randomly but we also check on each stage manufacturing. The quality and uniformity of the products we always put on top.

Our Core Values

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Charcoal Supplier

IMEX is the leading charcoal suppliers who supply the best and Natural Coconut Shell based Charcoal in Viet Nam. This Coconut Charcoal is eco-friendly and finds application as a fuel in different industries.

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Import Export Service

If you need to ship goods via a air or ocean freight, our experienced team will find you the fastest and best priced carrier. We can give free, guaranteed quotes, coordinate worldwide transport arrangements, consolidate multiple suplliers, and arrange for hazardous and oversized cargo or consolidated weekly shipments around the world.

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Investment Adviser

We focus on portfolio managers with a track record of meeting or exceeding their benchmarks with less risk. Then we create diversified portfolios, managed by a team of those portfolio managers, to provide both downside protection and upside potential.